About New Start Advisors

New Start Advisors exists to help people improve their financial lives in regard to their federally guaranteed student loans. We have two main objectives:

  • Educate our clients about consolidating their student loans and the benefits consolidation provides
  • Process and submit the necessary paperwork to consolidate our clients’ loans through the federal government


Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients put themselves in a better financial position to provide for themselves and their families. We accomplish this by providing our clients the necessary information and service to consolidate their federal student loans.

Our Values


  • We believe in giving you honest information about your loans so you can make an informed decision to improve your life.


  • Our business is only sustainable when we have our clients’ best interests as our priority. Our team is trained to think outside the box and problem-solve to find the best solutions to improve your life.


  • Attention: we are attentive to the goals of our clients
  • Empathy: we strive to consistently present a positive, supportive attitude
  • Advocacy: we advocate for the best interests of our clients

Our Team

Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to helping you improve your situation and creating a worry-free experience. We provide our team with weekly training to stay educated on the dynamic environment of federal student loans. For our clients who are behind on their payments, receiving calls from collections agencies can be a stressful experience. We want you to sleep at night knowing you are making the right decision enlisting our services.


New Start Advisors is a private company. New Start Advisors is NOT a Government agency or associated in any way with the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, the U.S. Department of Education or Federal Student Aid.Our service is only for Preparation & Tracking of your Federal Student Loan Consolidation Documents. Consumers may choose to complete their own consolidation documents and are not obligated to use a third party agency. The use of this website does not constitute legal or financial advice.