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Student Loan Borrower Benefits – Yes, There Are Some

What benefits could student loans possibly bring? Isn’t there a huge student debt crisis in the U.S. today? Difficult as it may be to believe, there are many student loan borrower benefits that make it worthwhile to take out student loans.

Of course there is the obvious benefit of being able to go to college because […]

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How to Live Life While Paying Off Student Loans

You’ve graduated college. You’ve landed a pretty good first-post-college job paying $50,000 a year (the average starting salary for the class of 2015). You’re feeling pretty great. You have some great plans for trips with friends, hitting your favorite concert venues, buying a new car, etc. Real life is now beginning and you’re truly excited!

And […]

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What Lenders Don’t Tell You About Student Loans

Each year, college students take out billions of dollars in student loans for a total of about $1.3 trillion in outstanding debt. (An astonishing amount: one trillion is equal to 1,000 billion or 100,000 million). The median debt load for graduate students who completed their studies in 2012 was $57,000, but one out of four […]

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How Defaulting on Student Loans Can Ruin Your Future

If you’re swamped with a too-huge federal or private student loan debt load and are thinking of defaulting on your loans as a way to get out from under them, please, please, please think again: you’d be setting yourself up for some nasty, long-lasting financial consequences.

First, a little background (federal student loans; we’ll talk about […]

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3 Lives That Could Be Transformed Through Student Loan Relief

You hear about the $1.2 trillion – and growing! – nationwide debt that’s held by individuals who took out loans for college. You may have also heard about how this will impact the overall economy: If people who are young adults now don’t get married, start families, and purchase homes until they are in their […]

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4 Careers That Have Student Loan Repayment Benefits

You’ve graduated college – or are close to doing so – and so you took a look at what your loan total will be six months from graduation and you…swooned, fainted, let your jaw drop to the floor – and not because you saw the number you thought you’d see. Or, if you did see […]

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