Defaulted Student Loan Consolidation


How Defaulting on Student Loans Can Ruin Your Future

We understand your situation. You got behind on your student loan payments. Maybe you couldn’t afford them, or there were loans you didn’t even know about, and now you’re in default. Your servicer has increased your interest rate 6% and 24% of your outstanding balance is added to your loan each year you stay in default. You found out because your tax refund was taken or you were denied a loan for a mortgage or car. We’ve got your back.  Did you know consolidating your loans can bring you current and remove your default status in as little as 6 – 8 weeks?  We work through the Department of Education’s technical process to put you in the best possible situation with your federal student loans – getting you out of default, on an affordable monthly payment plan, the opportunity for forgiveness, and other federally guaranteed benefits.

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Defaulted Student Loan Consolidation

Why Consolidate:

  • Get out of default
  • Prevent tax refund offset and wage garnishment
  • Keep Your Drivers License
    • 22 States have laws suspending the drivers license of borrowers who have defaulted student loans
  • Affordable monthly payment
  • Simplify to one loan, one payment
  • Enroll in a plan that will qualify you for forgiveness
  • Improve your credit

How It Works:

  • Evaluate Your Student Loans
    • We’ll look at all your outstanding loans and assess your options.
  • Personalize Your Repayment Plan
    • We’ll listen to your personal situation and understand your goals to inform you of the best repayment plan option for you.
  • Consolidate Your Loans
    • We’ll handle all the paperwork, technical process, and verification of your consolidation so you can relax and enjoy life.