Garnishment Prevention and Removal


Garnishment Prevention and Removal

We understand your situation.  You got behind on your student loan payments. Maybe you couldn’t afford them, or there were loans you didn’t even know about, and you went into default. Then the creditors started calling and sending letters, and now they’re garnishing your wages every paycheck. Hope is not lost – we can help stop the garnishment and educate you on how to prevent this from happening ever again. We work with you to have the garnishment lifted in as little as 5 months! Once the garnishment is lifted and your loans are rehabilitated, we’ll facilitate the consolidation process to put you in an affordable monthly payment so this never happens again.


Contact us at 888-306-9240, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm MST or fill out the form and one of our Denver, Colorado representatives will call you back and get you more details on how to start the process.

stop wage garnishmentHere’s What We Do:

  • Assign you a dedicated garnishment specialist within 48 hours
  • Notify the collection agency to stop making harassing phone calls within 48 hours
  • Negotiate with the collection agency for an affordable rehab payment
  • Complete and submit the collection agency financial disclosure
  • Complete and submit the rehab agreement
  • Get you in an affordable repayment plan to rehabilitate your loan
  • Ensure the National Student Loan Database is updated
  • Once loans are rehabilitated and out of default, consolidate them into one loan with one affordable monthly payment